Our Services

We offer IT consultancy services to our clients to solve their IT and digital challenges effectively.

Web Development

We are leader in websites development. We offer award winning design, customizable layouts, mobile optimized design, designer website templates, versatile website templates, powerfulk website integrations, expert customer care.We have developed enterprise-grade web apps for customers across a range of industries and have expertise across the leading web technologies, including .Net, LAMP, Java and full JavaScript frameworks.

Big Data Services

We provide innovative and value driven Big Data service offerings, which enable organizations to store, process, and analyze a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data.
SMS Group’s Big Data Services can help businesses take advantage on the transformational potentiality of Big Data and gain actionable insights from their data.Leverage our Big Data automation data warehousing service capabilities that visualizes the much needed information and helps in decision- making for all stakeholders.

Dev Ops Services

Software-driven innovation is the new source of competitive advantage. DevOps is an integrated approach to software delivery that helps transform an organisations culture, processes and tools. Our DevOps services extend across the lifecycle and support both digital customer-facing systems and large-scale enterprise products.Our specialists work with you to analyse, design and implement end-to-end deployment pipelines and to establish or update continuous integration capabilities using modern tools and methods.

 Our Values

Our Values

Quality, trust and collaboration are values we hold in high regard. We embrace change, and encourage innovation and creative thinking. We deliver our promises meeting expectations and promise only what we can deliver. Our Consultants bring energy, tenacity and enthusiasm to everything they do. We work collaboratively as we believe that we achieve more together than we could alone. We are independent and prize our integrity and honesty.

Our Team

We are a community of professionals working with customers in effective partnerships. We are attracting best IT experts who, by close cooperation and knowledge of agile project management, create successful technology products for our customers. Our goal is to provide not only a service but also long term win-win partnership.Our services and plans range in size and scale for large and small companies. One thing remains consistent throughout our business: We strive to provide the highest level of I.T. Service available.

Happy Customers

Customer success is an organizational function that helps customers get maximum value out of a product or service, while working closely with sales, marketing, and product to achieve that goal. Like sales and marketing, it is a revenue-generating team. Customer success provides proactive outreach aimed at increasing upsells and cross-sells, positive word-of-mouth, and successful outcomes for customers. At SMS,We believe that investing in your customers' success will grow your business as quickly as sales and marketing. Customer success is an investment in your business' growth.

Simple, Reliable and Awesome.

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